One Cycle


Of all Podium Sports Academy’s attackmen, Calgary native Nathan Moore stands the best chance of getting a lacrosse scholarship at a U.S. college. But at 5’10” and 125 lbs, Nathan’s told by the scouts that he has some filling out to do before he can take the hard hits. Waiting for his body to catch up to his dreams isn’t an option, so Nathan takes drastic measures to build muscle fast — steroids. Nathan quickly sees the effects on his body, but just as fast the drugs start to affect him in ways he can’t control . . . ways that also have a game-changing impact on his Podium friends.


Best Book for Kids and Teens starred selection



  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: James Lorimer and Company
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781459401839

Awards: Canadian Children’s Book Centre – 2013

Commended – Best Books for Kids & Teens *Starred Selection*

Joan Marshall, Resource Links

“Nathan represents the athlete who does everything right but whose body betrays him.”

Sandra O’Brien, Canadian Children’s Book News

“The characters in [Podium Sports Academy] are not only involved in a variety of sports, but they also represent the various nationalities that we see in Canada. The books provide teens with the opportunity to talk about what might be happening in their own lives and to see how the characters in each story deal with the issues.”

Mary-Esther Lee Sister’s Library

“A fast, gripping read that will appeal to young readers, especially reluctant ones.”

Jillian Sexton CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“One Cycle is a joy to read and would appeal to young men and women alike. The story is relatable but riveting, and it stands out in the genre of young adult sport novels as a quality read. Highly Recommended.”