Available Workshops

Lorna’s presentations and workshops are lively and fun and can be tailored to fit the age and the group.  She uses the school curriculum to help with her plan her presentation.  She can present to all age groups, is open to groups of any size and is definitely open to travel. Lorna’s books deal with relationship choices, bullying, teamwork, family dynamics, resolving conflicts, group roles, understanding and expressing feelings, commitment and perseverance.



Graphic Fun

Graphic stories start with writing! Learn how to write a graphic sequence using peppy dialogue and tons of action. Of course, you will get to also draw the story! No drawing skills required. Stick men are a-okay.

Play a Game: Write a Story!
What makes a good story great?  Writing fiction is about creating amazing characters, setting the place, hatching plots and adding real life dialogue. Plus, we can’t forget that every good fiction story has some sort of gripping conflict. To get you writing, Lorna lets you play a game. Oh yeah! This workshop includes all types of genres from western to sci-fi and everything in between! It is a hands-on, get down and dirty workshop. But tons of fun.
Write to Score!
Writing exciting sports action is a fun challenge. If you love action and love sports then this workshop is for you. Lorna will bring motivational photos (some from her trips to the Olympic Games) of sports heroes in action to inspire the writing process. Discover how to write about that unbelievable save, long drive, glass-rattling hit, perfect kick, and the list goes on. With words and pictures we’ll create sports stories that sail into the net!
Mystery Writing
In this workshop students will learn about the craft of mystery writing, including plotting, pacing and setting.  Students will learn how to create a protagonist who is believable (even if the main character is an alien or animal) and how to use minor characters to advance the mystery.  And what about those red herrings?


Telling True Tales
Are you interested in true stories? Do you like reading about fascinating people? Writing non-fiction is just as creative as writing fiction. In this class you will learn how to interview, gather information and write incredible stories that will keep your reader turning the page. Be prepared to have fun writing!

Laura Martin, Community Development & Programming Librarian, Niagara Falls Public Library

“Overall, it was a pleasure to host Lorna Schultz Nicholson, and a delight to watch her work with the kids. I would love to have her visit the Niagara Falls Public Library again anytime. I truly feel that lives were changed that day, and would love to share her with all of the kids in our community.”

Workshops / Presentations / Speaking Engagements

Lorna is available for Keynote Speaking for adult and children’s events as well as Workshops and/or her Presentations.

Jen Anderson, Library Consultant, Peace Library System

“Most recently, in 2010, I watched Lorna give ten presentations to 560 participants. Dressed in her bright red hockey jersey she would immediately engage her audience, young and old, with her energy and enthusiasm. Through her humour and lively manner, often acting out the instances she described, she kept the children engaged and entertained. Lorna’s presentations, however, are more than just entertaining – they are educational as well. With the clever use of well thought out questions and audience participation, Lorna was able to provide the children with numerous learning opportunities – whether about writing, current issues or the importance of following their dreams.”

Marg Marion, Principal, St. Peter School (St. Catharines, Ontario)

“Lorna’s positive energy and love of reading and writing was infectious. She related exceptionally well with all ages. Lorna infused personal experiences that inspire her craft and introduced us to her many other titles. She emphasized the importance of reading and writing and the places books can take us.  Her range of topics is appealing and appropriate for both genders.”